Anonymous whispered: Your child asks a weird question

Sure thing!

Anonymous whispered: Hey my name is saarangi can you make me a harry styles imagine

I don’t write imagines, sorry!

Anonymous whispered: Can you do a prefrence where your dating and teen parents In the 1940's?

Well I don’t know much about the 1940’s…. but we’ll see how it turns out.

Anonymous whispered: Can you do one where they find you smoking while you're pregnant? Thank you x

Sure, why not!

Remember that one time where I forgot my password for months…. #awkward

Anonymous whispered: "SHUT UP!" "Make me." (Preference)

That I can do, thanks!

Did ya miss me?

Because this girl is making her comeback.


Harry:   “I’m home!” Harry shouted as he walked through the front door of your lovely home. “Hey Babe” he grabbed you by the waist and pulled you in for a kiss “missed you”. “Harry! I’m cooking; I could have set the house on fire!” “What are we having tonight?” “Spaghetti.” “Great! I’ll go tell the kids.” Harry began to walk upstairs to go tell your daughter. You bit your lip as you followed him up the stairs; you grabbed his arm stopping him in his tracks. “Kerry brought a friend home from school today; I didn’t want to be rude so I allowed it.” “What kind of friend?” Harry asked, his pupils growing larger. “A boy…” Harry stormed up the steps leaving you in the dust. Harry swung the door to your daughter’s bedroom open without any warning. You saw his loving face change to a deep red. “And who are you?!” Harry shouted. By this time you had walked up to the door. Your innocent daughter was straddling her “friend”, and he had lipstick on his face. “DAD!” she yelled rolling off of him. “Get out!” He shouted at the boy pointing to the door. The boy grabbed his backpack and you made room for him to squeeze by you. Your daughter ran into her bathroom and slammed the door shut. You could hear the sobs from where you stood. “Never let the boy in here ever again.” His eyes were fuming as he was speaking to you. “I mean it.”

Liam:  “Hey babe! What are you guys doing home so early?” You called from the living room as you saw Liam and Alexis walk in. “Alexis got in trouble at school.” Liam said in an irritated tone. The six year old ran up to you to sit on your lap. “Mommy, Daddy is really mad at me.” She whispered into your ear. “What happened Li?” “Oh, just our daughter disrupting class by kissing a boy, and then discussing it with her friends.” “Really Lex, you did that?” You asked shocked. She gave a weak nod, and you had to hold back your laughs. “This isn’t funny (Y/N)!” “You’re right… Lex, promise you won’t kiss another boy until your married.” “Kiss another boy and your grounded.” Liam said sternly before leaving the room.

Louis: The front door swung open and your daughter entered walking straight towards the steps, her eyes were on the verge of tears, and Louis followed close behind, face bright red. Anger was spewing out of his eyes and that was a face you didn’t see too often, and it frightened you. “What happened?” You asked to no one in particular. You daughter made a “humpf” noise before racing up the steps. “Guess who I found on the street making out with some boy in his car!” Louis yelled throwing the newspaper down. “What did you do to him Lou?” You asked scared for even yourself. “He won’t be around here anymore.” He smiled. “So how was your day?” He asked walking up to you to kiss your cheek, forgetting about the situation.

Niall:  It was a Friday night and the two of you were sitting on the couch watching random TV shows, that was when you started to hear a noise. “Is that?” you looked over to Niall shocked. He just sighed. “No need to interrupt it now, it would only make matters worse.” “Niall, we can’t have this going on in our house.” “I know. But I really don’t want to see our son and his girlfriend, do you?” “No-“ “I’ll be sure to give him a long and awkward lecture tonight, that’s for sure.” Niall said as calmly as possible. Your son’s girlfriend left shortly after and Niall wasted no time before giving him the sex talk, that lasted an hour and 40 minutes. Your son knew he was caught, and he won’t be doing anything in your house from now on.

Zayn: Your daughter had been begging Zayn (since you didn’t mind) if she could go on her first date. “No.” he said every single time. “But Dad…” she would beg and every time he would shut her down. Tonight was different however, your daughter had been bringing her friend Jake around for quite a while now, and when she asked if she could go to movies with him, alone, Zayn okayed it. You looked at him incredulously. He simply shrugged “Seems nice.” They had left about an hour ago and an idea popped into your mind. “Why don’t we go on a date as well?” Zayn smirked and held out your coat for you. The two of you decided to go to the movies as well, thinking that your daughter and her date had already been in the movie for an hour now you wouldn’t run into them. “Hopefully she will be asleep by the time we get home.” Zayn suggested as he winked at you. The movie begun and you popped some popcorn in your mouth before you saw something out of the corner of your eye. “That’s disgusting.” You whispered to Zayn. Zayn looked over at the couple holding each other and making out in the theater. In a flash Zayn was up and standing in front of the couple. “LEAVE NOW!” He shouted in the middle of the theater. “Oh. My. God.” You thought, that couldn’t be your daughter. The boy immediately stood up, red face, and walked out of the theater. Zayn made your daughter finish the rest of the movie with the two of you, causing her to feel even more embarrassed and awkward. 

Anonymous whispered: SLEEPING BEAUTY

OMG, I can sleep up to like 12 hours hah but I can function just as well off of 5 or 6.

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