→Chapter Five



This summer was a bummer.

I spent long days in the office at my internship doing a variety of bitch work tasks, and when I wasn’t getting lunch for someone important I was doing analysts and other marketing crap.

During my lunch break I was constantly getting hit on by one of the other…


Harry: Here you were in pain while Harry was being his cheeky self and making jokes with the nurses and the doctor and entertaining everyone, you weren’t impressed. “Harry can you please just shut up?” you asked out of annoyance, couldn’t he see you were trying to concentrate at the task at hand. He gave a gentle squeeze to your hand before looking down in your eyes and pouting. “Baby, why do you hate me right now?” he said with an exaggerated pout. Before you had time to answer, it was happening, with a few more pushes your baby was out and in your arms. While they were getting your new baby boy all cleaned up Harry approached you with his big grin, “See Baby that whole time I was distracting you from the pain, you didn’t even complain about the pain once, you only complained about me.” It was true, and you had to thank Harry for continuing to be his cheeky self even during labor.

Liam: “Can I get you anything? Or can I do anything for you?” Liam asked for what felt like the twenty time. “Liam there is nothing you can do, I’m fine.” You smiled weakly at him. It was painful even with the epidural and you were waiting for this entire thing to be over with. Liam stood beside you with puppy dog eyes that looked like waterworks were about to spill down at any moment. You knew he felt bad, and you regretted telling him “this is all your fault you know?” you meant it as a joke, but he took it personally. “I’m sorry Baby, you’re doing great.” He reassured you for the tenth time as he kissed your forehead over and over again. He was being extremely gentle with you and you wondered how you had gotten so lucky knowing he would be this gentle with your new baby girl.

Louis: “Baby hurry up I want to meet him!” Louis pouted as he lightly tapped your arm. “Are you kidding me Louis? Are you fucking kidding me right now…” you rolled your eyes in annoyance. Louis had been joking all morning, and this was not a joking matter. “I’m just excited! And no cursing in front of our son Baby.” He said with a smirk, you shot him the death glare before leaving his eyes to go back to pushing. “(Y/N) you’re almost there.” The doctor said. You continued to push but you had to take breaks because the pain was too much. “Come on Baby you got this, just think you are going to see our son in a matter of minutes!” Louis said grinning from ear to ear. He was on your last nerve but  you knew this was his way of being encouraging to you.

Niall: You had been in labor for six hours now; you were exhausted, in pain, and hungry. “I’m hungry” Niall whined. “Well how do you think I feel?” “I know I’m sorry Baby, if I could give birth for you, you know I would.” Niall said as he ran his fingers through your hair. “Promise me you’ll buy me food after this?” you smiled up at him. “Of course, can we get Nandos?” “Niall, I’m the one having the baby I think I should be able to pick.” “Fine, just this once alright? Don’t let it go to your head.” He kissed you on the top of your head, before you grabbed his hand and squeezed it while another round of pain hit you. Niall allowed you to squeeze his hand during the whole thing and when it was over you felt even more pain knowing you caused his hand to be a deep purple from the bruise. “I’m sorry Niall, you should have told me I was hurting you.” “It’s okay Baby.” He simply shrugged. “I’m sorry, we can have Nandos if that makes you feel better.” Which earned an enthusiastic grin from him.

Zayn: “Zayn, are you okay?” you were taking a break in between your pushes and you saw your husband standing calmly beside you, he was too calm. His eyes were distant and there were little sweat beads on his forehead. He didn’t respond to your question, so you decided to ask again, this time with a little shake. “Zayn, babe, are you okay?”  you asked giving him a shake. His eyes fluttered back to reality and he looked at you with a fearful expression. “Uh, yeah, I just need to sit down for a minute.” He said turning around and walking to the chair in the corner of the room. Here you were in the midst of labor and your husband needed to sit down. Zayn didn’t make it to the chair before he gracefully passed out on the floor. The nurse was about to walk over to him to help him, but you had to push again. “He will be alright.” The nurse assured you before assisting you, you were the one who needed the medical attention anyway.

→Chapter Four



I had been sitting at the desk for three hours and I was already counting down the minutes until I was able to take my lunch break. It was the first day of my internship as a marketing research intern in the finance department of Cheshire Enterprise Inc., and I was already over it.


→Chapter Three



Water, I needed more water.

I had slowly sipped all of my ice water with lemon while, Josh, my date this evening talked my ear off.

“Meet my friend Josh tonight for dinner!” she said.

“He is so much fun!” she said.

“You will absolutely love him!” she said.

Right now I hated Whitney more…

Treacherous: A Mini Series

Read chapters one & two now! here

Mini Series

I did a lot of planning for my mini series. I thought a lot about the main character’s personality and how I wanted to portray her since well she is the main character haha. BUT I finally got it! 

My mini series will be posted tomorrow and I’m really excited about it! The first two chapters will be posted at the same time, and I’m working on the graphics as we speak!


I just wanted to let everyone know that I have started a mini series, I wrote the first part of it and I’m still working on it, it will be a series staring Niall & Harry. The first chapter even features Gemma and Anne. :D

I just got back from vacation! Sorry I haven’t updated in what feels like forever, but I will get back into the swing of it, I promise!


It was the third night in a row. Rachel woke up to find an exhausted Harry spread out across the bed sleeping peacefully. She sighed not wanting to wake him, but she was restless. She was only three months into her pregnancy and she was still getting use to waking up all hours of the nights to have to pee, her bladder was hyperactive lately. 

But tonight it was different she didn’t have to pee, but she still couldn’t sleep. She tossed and turned in her bed fluffing her pillow for the tenth time. She looked up at the ceiling fan and attempted to daydream, but nothing was satisfying her needs.

She turned onto her side and began stroking Harry’s curls softly. His eyes slowly flickered open and he groggily looked at her. She flashed him a small smile, unsure as to how he would react to her waking him at three in the morning.

“What is it Love?” he asked softly.

“I can’t sleep.” She said pouting playfully.

“Is something wrong?” he raised himself up on his arm to face her, his eyes filling with general concern.

“No, I’m fine Harry.” She said brushing some stray strands of hair from his eyes. He looked at her curious, he knew there had to be a reason for why she woke him up.

“Harry,” she began in her sweetest voice. He let out a sigh knowing that whatever his wife wanted it probably involving getting up.

“Yes Baby.” He slowly grumbled.

“How much do you love me?” she flashed that smile at him making it impossible for him to resist her request.

“I love you a lot, what is it?” he asked wanting her to spit it out already.

“Well I’m glad you love me a lot, because my cravings have finally started.” Rachel beamed.

She had heard all about pregnancy cravings from Eleanor who already had two kids with Louis, during her first pregnancy she craved pickles and during her second all she wanted was M&M’s. Rachel had been wondering what her craving preference would be, and early in the morning lying next to Harry she soon discovered. It was bad timing, but finally she knew.

“What are you craving? I hope we have it in the kitchen.” Harry said sitting up.

“I really need some Ben & Jerry’s chunky monkey ice cream though Harry.” She said pouting.

“Okay, okay. I’ll be back in a few, please try to sleep.” He said before brushing her hair out of her face and kissing her forehead.

Harry quickly threw on some jeans and a sweatshirt, and found his shoes by the door. He grabbed his car keys and was gone. Rachel was too anxious to lay in bed waiting for him to return, so she went into the kitchen instantly grabbing a silver spoon ready to dig into the sweet deliciousness. 

Harry returned with three cartons of chunky monkey ice cream. Rachel’s eyes shot up when she saw him.

“I bought three because I know you’re going to continue to crave it, thought I would be proactive”.  He said as put a carton down in front of Rachel, and putting the other two in the fridge.

“How did I get so lucky?” she said throwing the top off and digging into the dessert.

“I’m the best aren’t I Baby?” he asked smugly.

“I was talking to the ice cream Haz.” She said smirking back at him.  


I’m sorry I’ve been slow on the requests, I couldn’t think of anything for the nose piercing one so hopefully it’s okay. I want my imagines to be a lot longer than my preferences so that’s why it’s taking me longer. I hope that’s okay :)

xoxo Lexie